Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Uncle Bob~

Of course some of my best memories of our family trips to Seattle involve you and the boat and plane trips you took us on. Twenty + years later, I still share the story of how you let me fly your plane and we went over the destruction of Mt.Saint Helen! Friends are always wow'd by that! I always loved visting your family - as evidenced by the one time in my mid-twenties I came up for a long weekend by myself to do some soul searching while on a "break" with my long term boyfriend. I remember the long walk we took one morning, the cool Seattle air, and the relaxed conversation. All much needed by me at the time. You and Aunt Priscilla created a warm and loving environment for a troubled girl that weekend. Thank you for that. Thankfully, I have now found a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with and I would love for you to meet him someday. Nate is a laid-back, CA native / surfer / high school history teacher who is very genuine and loving. I am keeping you and your health, as well as Priscilla and the family, in my prayers, Uncle Bob. I hope this note brought you a smile, as my great memories of you bring me a smile.

Much love and prayers, Julie

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