Sunday, June 22, 2008

Greetings to all---

A quick update about Bob--he is walking more and more with the walker---but needs the wheelchair also. His legs and back are getting stronger every day. He is also walking straighter (when he is not too tired). The therapists have been pushing him to the limit this last week, so when he sleeps he is really out. Unfortunately, these deep sleep naps are during the day and he still has trouble sleeping at night. He is also able to do so much more for himself, like dressing (upper body; lower body is still difficult), brushing teeth and hair, eating well--- reaching for items etc... He gets up from the bed into the wheelchair or walker with minimum assist, same with bathroom commode and shower slide bench.

Bob will be coming home on Thursday, the 26th so we will once again began Home Health Care. We will be exercising with him at least twice a day, and walking as much as possible. Any one who would like to come and walk with him or exercise would be greatly appreciated. We have an aide coming in every day for one or two hours as well as out patient physical therapy and therapists from Home Health. I don't have a schedule yet and it will probably take us a couple weeks to develop one.

We have mentioned to several of you that we will have an open house celebrating Bob's 80th birthday and "I can walk" celebration. We did mention the middle of July, but we now feel that would be too soon--after we are home for a few days and see how all is going, we will find a date that will work. Tentatively, August 2 may give him enough time. Will keep you posted!

The house is almost ready for him---some safety bars still to install--will be a new life around here!

I have been getting more sleep, but I think I was so sleep deprived for so long that I still fall asleep within a minute or two when I lay or sit down and often wake up two hours later in a half sitting position on the way to lay down!!

Thank you, everyone, for the visits, cards, phone calls and prayers---much appreciated!

Am looking forward to having him home!!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Greetings All!

Bob has graduated from walking the parallel bars to walking with a walker---two days ago he walked 22 feet three times and yesterday almost 90 feet total!! He is still pretty shaky but is building strength every day. All of his functions are slowly improving. Some of the therapists feel he is not trying enough---they were not around eight months ago!! I am very pleased with his progress.

He wants to stay until the end of the month, but they want him to go home sooner. He wants to be as strong as possible so that he can do most everything for himself. The house is not ready for him yet, and I doubt will be for at least two more weeks. I just ordered all the safety bars and shower necessities---lots of changes to be made.

We want to thank all the people who have visited him, and the cards and phone calls. He is so pleased to tell me about them. But especially, all the prayers; his present status would not be possible without the many prayers from all of you and many others. All the positive thoughts and prayers have surrounded him since October---thank you very much. We especially want to thank our Pastor, Daniel Foster, for his continued visits and the monthly Communion. This has meant so much to us.

And while I am on this subject, Bob Garland, the leader of the senior group at church "Silver Servants" has been a faithful visitor, even when Bob falls asleep on him!! And of course Carol Nohavac, the great organizer and the most patient person on earth---she is still helping---Thank you---and thank you everyone who has helped him reach this level of health.

Also all five children, spouses and families have been so helpful, what would I have done without them?!!

I am finally getting consistent sleep---have had several nights of seven hours without waking. It is just amazing how good it feels to finally have some energy!! I have to keep my health up as I don't know what the future will bring.

I will be spending the night again so need to get some of his laundry ready-----Thank you everybody!