Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dear everyone,

Just a quick update before I call it a night. Bob has been home from the Acute Rehab Unit since June 26th. They really worked with him, he is so much stronger it is amazing. He can walk with the walker at least 100 feet before he falters, and is able to stand for several minutes. (with the walker or an "assist" person".) Getting in and out of the wheelchair is going very smoothly as well as up and down with (into) the walker. This makes all the bath activities so much easier for both of us, and any aides. It is taking a while getting used to another new schedule, therapists, aides, a more normal eating schedule, new meds, etc...., but the new regime is falling into place.

We are still under Medicare's "Home Health Program", which means a physical therapist and an occupational therapist twice a week each for about an hour----They are coming up with all kinds of exercises---like tossing a small pillow to him when he is standing in the walker---and he tosses it back---he can toss ten times before he gets a bit unsteady. Both his balance and strength are improving daily. We also have hired two ladies to take turns exercising with him twice a day (sometime once). They both go to our church and also are neighbors. They are doing a wonderful job.

This last Sunday, the 6th, He went to church for the first time in almost a year for the "Silver Servant's Service"---we thought an appropriate first. He really enjoyed it---Carter and Doug and Jenny were able to join us. They brought the mike over to him and he thanked everyone for all the prayers and help in getting him to where he is. When he got home he slept almost all day and again slept well all night---a first. I think all the getting up, standing and singing totally exhausted him---I didn't know "How Great Thou Art" and "God Bless America" each had five or six verses!!!

I am getting a bit more sleep and that means I am actually accomplishing a few things around here that have been neglected for two, three years---good feeling! Still could use more sleep, tho!

On Saturday, August 2nd, we are having an open house to celebrate Bob's 80th birthday---(July 16th) and "I can walk"!! Noelle is handling the e-vites----hope all of you can come and celebrate with us. Bob is so pleased that he can walk----it was so iffy for so long.

Need to go to bed----Thank you again for all the positive prayers, thoughts, cards, and all the items I can't think of right now!!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greetings to all---

A quick update about Bob--he is walking more and more with the walker---but needs the wheelchair also. His legs and back are getting stronger every day. He is also walking straighter (when he is not too tired). The therapists pushed him to the limit, so when he sleeps he is really out. Unfortunately, these deep sleep naps are during the day and he still has trouble sleeping at night. He is also able to do so much more for himself, like dressing (upper body; lower body is still difficult), brushing teeth and hair, eating well--- reaching for items etc... He gets up from the bed into the wheelchair or walker with minimum assist, same with bathroom commode and shower slide bench.

Bob came home on Thursday, the 26th returning once again to Home Health Care. We will be exercising with him at least twice a day, and walking as much as possible. Any one who would like to come and walk with him or exercise would be greatly appreciated. We have an aide coming in every day for one or two hours as well as out patient physical therapy and therapists from Home Health. I don't have a schedule yet and it will probably take us a couple weeks to develop one.

We sent out an invitation that we will have an open house celebrating Bob's 80th birthday and "I can walk" celebration. We had originally mentioned the middle of July, but we now feel that would be too soon. August 2 should give him enough time. Will keep you posted on details!

I have been getting more sleep, but I think I was so sleep deprived for so long that I still fall asleep within a minute or two when I lay or sit down and often wake up two hours later in a half sitting position on the way to lay down!!

Thank you, everyone, for the visits, cards, phone calls and prayers---much appreciated!

It is wonderful having him home!!