Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I just moved into my first condo. It's been a long time coming - I bought it pre-construction, so I've known about it for about two years. During all of my Dad's health issues, the impending move was on the back burner. Something on my mind, but also a great lesson in patience and goal setting. Putting away a good chunk of my paycheck each month in savings. Living in a group house setting.

Every time my brother and I have moved - yes, even when Carter and Lisanna moved to Belltown last year - my parents have been a part of that process. I knew, obviously, that they wouldn't be up to helping me move this time around. I'm impressed by their health - but that's a pretty stressful thing to do. Moving isn't fun for an able-bodied 28 year old!

I moved into my place the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Yes, a little ambitious, but I wanted to host Thanksgiving. It was a fantastic motivator to at least try to get the place in working order quickly.

My parents were able to come!

Here's Dad and I on Thanksgiving:

Here's my very first turkey - I brined it and it turned out well:

Carter carved the turkey:

Here's my mom and me:

(Isn't she beautiful??)

Here are my parents, showing off their Bob sweatshirts, courtesy of AML:

And a great family photo:

Friends and Family,

My Mom asked me to send all the emails from the past year to my first grade teacher. First, I admit this is a fairly remarkable thing. The very fact that my parents are still in contact with my brother's and my first grade teacher is an incredible insight to their character. I'm so humbled and honored by their presence in my life on a regular basis. They are truly remarkable people.

In thinking about that task, I decided that instead of forwarding each and every email, it might make more sense to just create an online archive of them. We had considered this originally, but it just clicked today how much sense this makes. By creating a blog, people can easily see what the family is up to and my Dad's continued progress. It's more interactive and creates a nice sense of our family's community.

So I've posted all of the emails as an archive of sorts. This is, in essence, a tribute to my father, Robert Smithhart. Or, as his sweatshirt says, "Bob: The Man, The Myth, The Legend."

Lots of Love,


From Joseph Atak, from Sudan


I was caught by surprise when I was told that your dad was admitted many days in VMC intensive ward.I run there with George I called his name he open his eye to give me a signal that he recognise my voice but inside me it tore me apart.I wish I have time to talk to him,to told him how much I proud of him, for everything he did to me and for all of us,he was figure father,we prayer for him and we love him too.
with much LOVE,



Thank you for your email. These last couple weeks have been very hard for me and my family. And I consider you and George part of my family too. My Dad's health has been very unstable and knowing how much energy he used to have, it is very difficult to see him in this state. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I know your presence in my Dad's life has meant a lot to him - and that my parents love you very much.

I've been gathering pictures of my Dad and wanted to share them with you. If you click on this link, you should be able to look at them. It is a work in progress - there are many that are not included yet. But I think you might find these interesting - especially the older ones!

With much love,



Thank you so much,Noelle I really understand the pain they whole family go throught we are really with you at this time of pain and I take a look at each picture I understand the reallity of what a momory means to you at these movement and thank you for sharing your dad photos with us.

with much