Thursday, July 3, 2008

Greetings to all---

A quick update about Bob--he is walking more and more with the walker---but needs the wheelchair also. His legs and back are getting stronger every day. He is also walking straighter (when he is not too tired). The therapists pushed him to the limit, so when he sleeps he is really out. Unfortunately, these deep sleep naps are during the day and he still has trouble sleeping at night. He is also able to do so much more for himself, like dressing (upper body; lower body is still difficult), brushing teeth and hair, eating well--- reaching for items etc... He gets up from the bed into the wheelchair or walker with minimum assist, same with bathroom commode and shower slide bench.

Bob came home on Thursday, the 26th returning once again to Home Health Care. We will be exercising with him at least twice a day, and walking as much as possible. Any one who would like to come and walk with him or exercise would be greatly appreciated. We have an aide coming in every day for one or two hours as well as out patient physical therapy and therapists from Home Health. I don't have a schedule yet and it will probably take us a couple weeks to develop one.

We sent out an invitation that we will have an open house celebrating Bob's 80th birthday and "I can walk" celebration. We had originally mentioned the middle of July, but we now feel that would be too soon. August 2 should give him enough time. Will keep you posted on details!

I have been getting more sleep, but I think I was so sleep deprived for so long that I still fall asleep within a minute or two when I lay or sit down and often wake up two hours later in a half sitting position on the way to lay down!!

Thank you, everyone, for the visits, cards, phone calls and prayers---much appreciated!

It is wonderful having him home!!


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