Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all of your kind words. Today was a very long day for us all at the hospital, but Dad is still hanging in there. He was awake and alert for a little while this evening, and his granddaughter, Michelle, reminded me of an email I had sent the immediate family about 2 years ago. It is at the bottom of this email. We read it aloud to him and he nodded along with every word - acknowledging his amazing early years in aviation.

We can tell he is with us mentally - even though he can't respond with words. I shared with him this evening the many people who have called and emailed in the past few weeks. His eyes lit up when he heard your names. This last Friday, Jenny, my Mom and I were reading "get well" cards to him and he had a very similar response. At one point, he even grabbed for a card, wanting to read it for himself.

So many of you have asked if you can do anything - and one idea that came is to share this gift that we have - these precious hours with him. If you feel so inspired, please feel free to share your memories, stories, messages, etc with him. We can then take turns in the hospital reading your words to him. Just email them to me. (And of course, feel free to forward this on to anyone who might have something they would like to share and just have them send me an email).

Thank you again for your amazing love, support and prayers. It is a truly beautiful thing to see all of the lives he has touched. Our appreciation is beyond words.


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