Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dear Noelle, Bob, Priscilla and Family,

Thank you for the emails keeping us all up to date on Bob's situation. You all have been in my prayers for sometime now, and that will certainly continue. Bob is such a special guy. Always quick with a smile and willingness to pitch in wherever needed. I don't think our dear African brothers would have made it without his great love and support for them! And our church finances. Who else could be so trusted and conscientious about our books? You know, there aren't many who give of themselves so wholeheartedly and without any thought of recognition. But that's the Bob we know and love!

Bob, I miss your smiling face and gentle presence. Sunday we prayed as a congregation for you and Priscilla and your family. I know you are in good hands and held tightly by His loving embrace. May God bring you healing and comfort.

Your sister in Christ,
Anne Grunow

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