Saturday, October 20, 2007

Just a quick update, I am leaving to relieve James at the hospital---he spent the night there. I will tonight. I asked people to pray for a miracle and I feel the prayers are being answered. Two nights ago one of his five specialists (Doctors), told me that he has improved much better than they expected him to!! Yesterday they removed Bob from the respirator, he is still on oxygen, but breathing fairly well on his own. He had his third dialysis, the first time for a four hour treatment. He is still on antibiotics for the staph infection and will be for at least a week. He has not spoken yet, but because his throat is so raw, he has been told not to!! His eyes are open fully most of the time and he tracks us constantly and communicates through nods or hand squizes. He naps and sleeps a lot. His blood pressure, pulse, sugar, etc... are in a good range. If I am not too tired, I will update tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers, please continue!

Love, Priscilla

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