Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My husband just forwarded your email to me in San Diego. I have been down here helping my mom clean up from the aftermath of the San Diego fires. Her house and yard were covered in soot, but at least her house survived the fires. I am so sorry to hear that your dad has taken a turn for the worse. I can only imagine how hard this is on all of you, because I know how close your family is! Please know that each and every one of you are in my prayers.

I would love for you to tell your dad just how very special I think he is! When I think of him, I think of all the kindnesses he has extended to our Sudanese friends. He has always been so incredibly loving and giving to each and every one of them. He gave so much of his time and his energy to them for so many years! They were constantly telling me how Bob had helped them with their cars, or helped them move or helped repair something in their apartment, or co-signed a loan for them, or had them for dinner, and on and on. He really has been a saint to so many of the Sudanese and they all love him dearly!

When I think of Bob, I also think of he and Priscilla serving the homeless guys with me. They would bring all those delicious dishes that Priscilla had slaved over all day and they would serve those guys with such love and respect. Every one of those homeless men could see the face of Christ in Bob and Pricilla's faces!

When I think of Bob, I think of the hundreds of times I would see him in the church office counting the offering after church. He always had a smile on his face as he opened the locked office door for me. Even though he had done it hundreds of Sundays before, he never looked like he was tired of serving, or resentful of the time he spent taking care of church business. I know he has given thousands and thousands of hours to making sure the finances of the church were in order. Talk about a thankless task, but he has always done it with a willing heart!

Please tell your dad that he really is one of the most Godly people I have ever had the priviledge of knowing and I feel extremely fortunate to call him my friend.

With love and prayers to you all, and especially to Bob!

Carol Nohavec

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