Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some of you may know about Bob's hospitalization but since I am not sure, this information may be redundant. Bob was in the middle of moving the address book to g-mail from incredimail so I hope I am not missing anyone.

On Saturday, Oct. 13, at about 10:30 am, Bob was taken by ambulance to Valley Medical Emergency. I had thought he might have had a stroke from his actions and slurring of words.

At 2:00 pm he went down for a brain scan and when he came back up he was in a coma. They had given him Ativan because he was too anxious to keep his head still. He did not come out of the coma in the two-three hours which is normal. After several hours they realized he should have been conscious so started to try to revive him.

He coded blue at about 1:30 am and was resuscitated and then a few minutes later coded again. He has been slowly improving over the last two weeks. He was moved from Critical Care to intermediate care and then two days ago to the regular floor. He could track us with his eyes, was totally able to follow a conversation and answer questions with nods. He had considerable nerve damage and they were about to start physical therapy; gentle stretching exercises.

Then last night at about 3:00 am, he coded again and was once again resuscitated. He is responding a little bit, but it does not look good.. As of right now, they think he may have had a heart attack. We are waiting for the latest x-rays. Blood thinners caused internal bleeding, so they had to take him off of them. They are stabilizing his blood pressure with medication, and he is back on a mechanical respirator.

We will continue to update everyone as to his progress. Please pray for him and all of us. The five children have been here with him as much as their work schedules allow. The first week. all five took the entire week off. Spouses were able to get some days off too. Noelle is our message handler - her e-mail is noelle.smithhart@gmail.com. Please pray for him.

Thanks, Priscilla

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