Saturday, November 3, 2007

I know this last week has been sketchy as far as updates.

On Monday night Bob had a massive heart attack, but was brought back after two-three minutes. He was not in good shape through Thursday, but then Friday afternoon he was breathing on his own a bit again so they took him off the BiPAP; the powerful oxygen, and on to a lesser system. He was on the least support all Friday night through noon today and they put him back on the BiPAP for about five hours, (this machine gives his lungs a rest from working so hard.) They will do this back and forth for a while. He is amazing; two Doctors have called his "recoveries" a miracle, but of course he is still in critical care and very ill. He can communicate with us through nods and hand motions and has whispered to us a few times.

A speech therapist came in to work with him for a few minutes this morning, he could cough, swallow, turn his head left and right and several other things that she asked him to do. All these signs are encouraging, but much more has to happen in order for him to have any kind of quality of life. Please keep praying.
He can have visitors for a few minutes--if he is awake, he really seems to enjoy people---probably no longer than ten or fifteen minutes or so--no flowers or cell phones--he is in Critical care room #3710---he will fall asleep on you if he is tired!

Thank you for all the e-mails, cards and messages. We tell him about them or read them to him. He smiles and I am sure would laugh if he could.

Thank you for your prayers and good wishes---they are much appreciated.


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