Saturday, November 10, 2007


My Dad continues to rest a lot. On Tuesday evening we had a scare. His airway became blocked and his blood pressure dropped to 49 over 29. We thought we would lose him. But he is resilient and bounced back once they reopened his airway and gave him some added liquids.

He has been fighting another infection. It sounds like it came from either his IV or the sore on his nose from the BiPAP mask. They are giving him antibiotics to treat that.

He is very weak and has lost a lot of muscle mass and 10 pounds since he was first admitted. At times he is more responsive than others. He can still squeeze hands most of the time and still nods to questions, although he is not as responsive as he was two days ago.

My Mom hasn't had time to write an update. She wants to be with my Dad as much as possible - and she is caring for him as only she could. I'm amazed by her strength - I know it is fueled by her deep love for my father.

United Airline Captain Molly Flannagan Littlefield, a neighbor and fellow church member, recently dedicated her flight from Chicago to Seattle to my Dad. Many of the passengers, all strangers to my Dad, wrote messages to him the airline napkins. Many signed their names with their row and seat numbers. It was amazing looking through the variety of messages from all over. As Rick said to my Mom after looking at them, "I'll never look at these airlines in the same way again." (We will scan these in and share them down the road - they are incredibly touching)

I was able to start putting together a slide show of my Dad. Many treasures have yet to be scanned in - but this is a start.

Your prayers, cards, emails, calls and visits are greatly appreciated. This has been an emotional roller coaster for us, as we approach one month of his hospitalization. Your support helps us feel grounded and connected to to greater community of family and friends - representing love and support. Thank you again.



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