Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Here is an update from my Mom:

Bob continues to stay about the same, at times he seems stronger, but with all the noise at the hospital, his sleep is constantly disturbed. He was very exhausted this morning, he coughed a lot last night and it was not until almost eight this morning that we could get respiratory to suction him deeply. Then he tried to sleep, but was constantly interrupted. I know the medical personnel are doing their job but it would be nice if they could all come at about the same time. I am able to suction him, but I don't dare go deeply for fear of dislodging the oxygen or feeding tubes.

He is still very weak. Physical and occupational therapy are working with him a little every day; he tires so easily. We are proceeding with the Home Hospice Care, and if all works out he should be home by Saturday. Then a new era begins.

Thank all of you for the prayers, good vibes and wishes and offers of food and help. At this time I am not home enough to eat, but there will be the time when I may need help, so you may be hearing from me!

Thank you again,

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