Sunday, December 16, 2007

New update from my Mom:

Need to update before I lose this computer again!!

This last week has been full of many little surprises! The occupational therapist come out on Monday and tested Bob's swallowing ability. He did well on two tiny spoons of applesauce, but not on two other spoons, coughed a lot. So we will wait for a few days and try again. He is drinking water out of a cup, tho. James suggested that we cut a paper cup down about two thirds, so that he can hold it easily. All my cups were too heavy for him to hold. (With a little help). He also can have ice chips from a spoon four times a day. He loves it but says they are cold. He is moving his left leg from the hip quite well and just started shrugging his shoulders a little yesterday.

On Friday Hospice delivered a wheelchair and "Hoyer"---which is the sling and hoist to lift him into the chair. Jenny and Doug, Rick and a couple neighbors participated in the demonstration---it is definitely a two (or three) man job. So when Bob feels ready, we will try the wheelchair---could be a few days or longer.

He is talking more and out loud a lot more. He now smiles with both sides of his mouth except when he is tired. All in all, his progress is encouraging. He is still very fragile and tires easily. He loves company but often falls asleep in the middle of a visit. Feel free to visit every day except Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:30, but please call first because we have found that we cannot hear the knock or doorbell with the oxygen pump, fireplace fan and sometime the TV going.

Thank all of you again for making my life easier, and all the encouraging cards, letters, prayers and holiday wishes.---Will update again, sooner, I hope. Keep praying, please!


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