Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear everyone,

I know it has been over three months since I last wrote an update and I apologise to all of you who have e-mailed, called or wrote us asking about Bob. I am too tired at the end of the day to even think about writing, and when I have had some energy, the computer doesn't want to cooperate! Life for me has been one big foggy haze-----a twenty three out of twenty four hour schedule of things to do. The positive healing of Bob is what keeps me going-----

Since January Bob has progressed to full eating by mouth--- of moderately soft foods. He cannot eat apple peels, celery and other hard or crispy items. He also is still on tube feeding by the feeding pump or bolus---(Syringe). He has gone from eight cans of Glucerna to four daily and will probably be off those within two weeks. He feeds himself almost everything, a bit shaky at times; especially when he is tired. From that first spoon of applesauce to how he is eating now is nothing short of amazing.

About three months ago I saw him shrug his torso about an eighth of an inch all by himself---it was so exciting to see that part of him "waking up". Since then it has been a slow process, but every part of his body is getting stronger. Every little new movement means progress. His arms and legs are getting so strong and are really filling out. He can hold his head up almost all the time, the neck muscles are impressive. But, he still tires quite easily.

The Hospice people were very encouraging once they realized that he was going to be around a while. It took them a while to come to that conclusion and of course, then, they had to turn him over to Home Health Care. (Medicare reasons.) If I thought it was stressful and chaotic with Hospice, Home Health Care has proven to me what chaotic really is. Therapists, nurses, social workers, aides, our brigade of "exercise" folks, food providers---just a constant flow of people through the house. Everyone was so helpful--and so much appreciated---but I am about "people-ed" out!! One day recently we had thirteen people here in one day, plus many phone calls. A real revolving door!!

He had been in Home Health Care for five weeks when they came to the conclusion that he is ready for rehabilitation----so yesterday, (Tuesday, May 6th) he was admitted to The Acute Rehabilitation Center at the Auburn Regional Hospital. It is a newly remodeled area of the hospital and seems very well equipped. It has eight beds and as of right now, with Bob, only three are occupied. They hope to have him on the exercise bike and walking the parallel bars within three weeks!!!! To me that seems a stretch, but his determination is remarkable!

I have much more information, but Noelle suggested that I follow this with another update in a couple days. I am getting more sleep, so that is a possibility! Wednesday morning I woke up at 5:30 as usual and then I realized that I didn't have to get up, so I rolled over and slept another two+ hours, It felt so good, better than laying on a Hawaiian beach!

Bob would really like company. He told me he is lonely, he was getting used to all the people at home! I have been there every afternoon and evening, but I know he would like to see other people. If you are in the area, I know he would appreciate a visit. He is at Auburn Regional Medical Center (Hospital) in the Acute Rehabilitation Center on fourth floor. Take elevator "C" to the fourth floor--the nurse's station is on the left and his room is on the right--room # 480. There is a huge parking ramp on the same side of the street as the hospital. Visiting hours are from eight AM to eight PM---if he is in the middle of therapy please do not disturb him, but you can observe! More, later!

Thank you, everyone, for everything!


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